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Letter of Recommendation | Rena Weinberg, LCSW

New England Yachad  This letter is written with the utmost appreciation and gratitude for Marcie Schwartz in her practice of poetic medicine. Marcie’s work has brought healing and support to the members of our organization, Yachad New England/ The National Jewish Council for Disabilities.  Throughout the last year, Marcie has facilitated a number of workshops in New England Yachad’s Adult Support Group. New England Yachad is the local branch of the National Jewish Council for Disabilities. Each support group session, our members join together to share life experiences, receive support, and offer their peers guidance and encouragement in navigating life’s trials as a person with disabilities. Our support group focuses on a different theme each week, some of which have included self-advocacy, forming friendships, managing stress, and dealing with anxiety. Our group has become a safe space where members feel accepted and encouraged to share their feelings with one another and open themselves up to the support and reassurance of their peers.  Our group has been very fortunate to have Marcie Schwartz facilitate several workshops throughout the year. While working with Marcie, the group engaged in a series of activities focusing on the power of words and how words have a large impact on how we feel. Marcie’s work with the group allowed each participant with a space to create, share, and feel support from each other through the vehicle of poetic medicine. Marcie, through her passion, authenticity, and warm nature, created an inclusive and healing experience where each individual felt comfortable in sharing their vulnerabilities while being met with unequivocal admiration and validation.  Marcie, Yachad New England wishes you our most sincere congratulations on the completion of your studies. We are so thankful for your work with us and wish you all the best in your next chapter.  Sincerely, Rena Weinberg, LCSW Program Coordinator, Yachad/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities

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