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Letter of Recommendation | Barbara Brown Taylor

Dear Reader,  Every time I talk to John Fox, I expect him to tell me about the success of this initiative or that grant proposal, since that's what CEOs do. Instead, he wants to read me poems by elementary school students in Atlanta, or admire the virtuosity of one written by a woman with Down syndrome. His ongoing delight in their work--for more than fifteen years now--is what makes the Institute for Poetic Medicine work, along with John's genius for collaboration. He is a healer to whom other healers are drawn, with whom he raises up new generations of healer all over the world.  Most days I feel bombarded by too many words. Then I talk to John and realize that poetry really is the cure. When we stop jabbering long enough to listen ot what is going on around, among, and inside us--and we have someone to help us put that into the fewest, truest words available to us--the air clears and the aliveness flows through all the spaces in between.  I offer this testimonial in thanks to John and all of his poetry partners for keeping this medicine flowing where it is needed most.  Truly, Barbara Brown Taylor author of An Altar in the World, Holy Envy, and Learning to Walk in the Dark

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