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The Institute for Poetic Medicine is a non-profit 501(c)3

Our Mission

The Institute for Poetic Medicine offers tools and support to heal body, mind, and spirit through the creative and therapeutic process of hearing, speaking, and writing poetry.

Our Vision

The Institute for Poetic Medicine is dedicated to nurturing the human capacity to connect to Self, Other, Community, the Natural World, and the Divine through the healing, expressive art of poetry; what we describe as:

Awakening soulfulness in the human voice.

John Fox

Practitioner of Poetic Medicine


Founder of
The Institute for Poetic Medicine

For over twenty years – before founding IPM – John Fox 

individually brought the healing art of poetry and poem-making to people throughout the United States building a deep range of relationships with people in helping professions and people with specific needs.


The landscape of this poetry therapy work became varied and large, delivering profoundly helpful results.


As a way to expand and increase the applications of poetry-as-healer, John had the vision of creating possibilities that extended beyond himself. To forward this vision he founded The Institute for Poetic Medicine in October 2005 as a 501(c)3 in the state of California.


Poetic Medicine Impacts Real Lives

As a Personal Experience

Whether we choose to write with a poetry circle around us or in solitude in our own sacred space there is a way to have a personal experience of poetry-as-healer. We offer programs that allow for the interactive experience of exploring poetry with others and we offer opportunities to explore Poetic Medicine at your own pace in your own place through our webinars.

By Bringing Poetry to Others

Because our personal experiences touch the common ground we share with others poetry offers a way to connect an otherwise seemingly unconnected community.

Poetry bridges the gap and allows us to connect with humans on a human level because lived experience is what we all have, no matter our backgrounds.

As Continuing Education

Our participants have found these trainings to be an amazing asset for the tool box of offerings for chaplains, teachers, social workers, life coaches, youth mentors, community outreach programs, peer-support groups, and beyond. We are in the beginning stages of gaining accreditation for our programs through various national organizations.

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