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Finding Home Amidst Exile During a Pandemic | Dr. James Brandenburg

With love and humility we remember the late Dr. James Brandenburg (January 31, 1943 / January 13, 2023). He was our dear mentor, colleague, friend, spiritual guide – as a counselor, poetry therapist and Jungian analyst. Dr. Jim in the last years of his life led a wonderful poetry circle for The Institute for Poetic Medicine titled Finding Home Amidst Exile During a Pandemic: Interweaving Poetic Medicine, Myth and Jungian Psychology. Jim was a founder of A Quarterly Literary and Arts Magazine, Voices de la Luna.

The program detailed below continues by co-facilitators Lisha Garcia and Sasha Guzman. For more information or to register, contact Sasha at or (210) 322-5370.

A flyer for a program titled "Finding Home Amidst Exile During a Pandemic: Interweaving Poetic Medicine, Myth, and Jungian Psychology A Free Series of Poetry Circles for People Ages 18-32 Presented by James Brandenburg There is a photo of steep, rocky mountains with dustings of snow in their crevices and lush greenery in the valley on the left hand side of the flyer, and text to the right that reads: My name is James Brandenburg and I am a poet, analytical psychologist (dream analyst), and certified poetry therapist who has facilitated poetry circles for years. I believe in the wisdom of the unconscious mind, and in the healing power of archetypes and poetry. In collaboration with John Fox from The Institute for Poetic Medicine, I will be offering a virtual, monthly Poetry Circle for 90 minutes for people ages 18-32. This circle will begin in October and run through March 2021. Our purpose is to generate individual resilience and sense of community within a dynamic and open forum as we respond to the uncertainty, isolation, and stress related to the coronavirus and divisive politics. We will begin on Tuesday, October 20 from 7:00-8:30 pm (CST) and focus upon the archetype of exile as we endure isolation. We will meet on third Tuesdays through March. We invite traditional and non-traditional students, members of the LGBTQ community, anyone who feels stuck and searches for a way forward, anyone who finds solidarity with Black Lives Matter, anyone who feels marginalized or voiceless, anyone who feels rejected or undervalued, anyone who feels outraged by unjust politics, anyone who grieves the treatment of animals and the destruction of our environment, anyone who seeks to use their voice for change, and anyone who longs to be understood and to feel more connected to other people. Each Circle will revolve around a poem, one that you will be able to relate to and respond to. The poem will be like a friend sitting with us in the room. It will speak to you, and you will speak to it. There will be time for listening, speaking, interacting, and for writing. You may share your writing. No experience writing poetry is necessary. I will value and embrace your way of writing, whatever that might be, and we will hold all in confidence. Please join us in this sacred, free space. Participation is limited to 10 people so register soon. We encourage you to participate in the entire series; please let us know in advance if you need to miss a Circle so we will feel assured of your wellbeing. At the bottom of the flyer is a photo of Dr. James Brandenburg, and a bio reading: Diplomate James Brandenburg, Analytical Psychologist, IAAP; C.G. Jung Institute in Dallas; Diploma from Switzerland Research and Training Institute According to C.G. Jung & Marie Louise von Franz M.Ed., M.A., LPC-S, LMFT Certified Poetry Therapist


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