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Poetry of Nature | Early Spring | NanLeah

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A lemon-yellow daffodil bud rises like a question mark on its tender stalk. The bud is spangled with raindrops. The photo background is filled with the new gold and fresh green of daffodil leaves leaning to the right.
Daffodil Bud Spangled with Rain

Spring greetings Poetry of Nature Friends!

This morning I step out on the magic deck, my hands full of seed, freshwater and hummingbird solution. I am happy. It is the season of Rufus Hummingbirds. I saw my first female this morning! The Band Tailed pigeons have returned and I relish their gentle cheers. I take a moment to root, to breathe in Nature's stillness surrounding me. I feel the birds perched in the thicket, eager for my offerings.

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