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Attunements for the Earth

by Geoffrey Oelsner, IPM Board Member

Leslie and I have created a book titled Attunements for the Earth: Poetic, Musical, Photographic, Anecdotal, Climatic, Intuitional, Scientific, Spiritual. Here's a description of the book, followed by links to it so you can explore:

It begins with a series of 10 monthly letters I wrote to people in the Institute for Poetic Medicine's Poetry of Nature writing group. They introduce readers to the Findhorn Community in Scotland and my experiences of learning the practice of attunement there, include attunement exercises and writing prompts to heighten receptivity to the natural world, and offer descriptions of regenerative approaches to climate change mitigation I’ve supported over the past decade. I called these the "Attunement Letters." They're brightened by photos Leslie took in the Ozarks, Iceland and the UK.

Because this is both in ebook and pdf format, I've been able to include audio files of my performances of original songs along with their lyrics. Attunements for the Earth also features art from my collection of works by the late Kansas landscape painter Robert Sudlow and a selection of my poetry and accounts of my experiences of intuition and attunement accompanied by many more of Leslie's photos.

It's all oriented to loving and creatively serving the Earth at this precarious time of accelerating climate change.

Attunements for the Earth is free of charge. Inside the front cover is a request to readers to consider tax deductible donations of any amount they are able to the Institute for Poetic Medicine, and/or to the Wild Foundation, a group we also support which has been instrumental in preserving wilderness around the world--essential for forestalling further humanly-caused climate degradation.

Click the links below to access two files labeled "ATTUNEMENTS FOR THE EARTH.PDF" or "ATTUNEMENTS FOR THE EARTH.EPUB."

The PDF version will be accessible on all devices. If you own an Apple computer, the EPUB version will provide the most enhanced reading experience.

You can share this book with others by forwarding this email with the links below. We encourage you to do so.

Please touch the Earth with Love,

Geoff Oelsner

To access the book see the links below:

To read John Fox's essay click here.


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