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Where I Am From


I am originally from England,

Wales, Ireland, and Scotland –

where you find liminal spaces,

monasteries, castles, leprechauns,

waterfalls, wells and cairns.


I am places rich in history,

emerald green hillocks, roaming sheep, -

friendly pubs with whisky, beer, and music,

Shepard’s pie, corned beef, and haggis.


I am small town Ohio, daughter

of immigrants, miners, craftsmen –

I am home of buckeyes, Amish,

and the northern cardinal.


I am Quaker oatmeal,

hot dogs, homemade pies, and corn –

as well as football, autumn leaves,

hiking in nature and Old Man’s Cave.


I am missing family gone ahead

and listening for my ancestors,

sharing their sage wisdom,

reminding me this is where I am from.


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