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Hello. I'm new to the group. Here is a poem I wrote shortly after my wife passed away....

No Stranger to Grief

No stranger to grief these sixty four years.

No stranger to loss or longing or tears.

Holding our dying son gasping for breath in the single hour

that was his life.

Holding you in the agony of that bleeding not once but twice that almost took you away.

Loss after loss we shared.

Failing adoption loss,

Failing kidney loss,

Failing heart loss,

Failing foot, failing arm,

Loss after loss  after loss.

And now the loss of you.

No stranger to grief or longing or loss.

Yet still, wiping these tears for you,  

No stranger to rivers of love and joy.

(© Robert Cornett)


Wow, I feel the depth and pain and beauty and tenderness of this. Such special thing we share, these lives together, with all of it.



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