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Poetry as a Tool for Wellness – Self-Paced Webinar


Available On-Demand This Poetry as a Tool for Wellness Facilitator Training is recommended for self-paced learners or in combination with the live training. You will be guided by Cathey Capers, one of the creators of this training and manual. Cathey is a certified Practitioner of Poetic Medicine, an IPM Poetry Partner, and former board member of The Institute for Poetic Medicine. 1: The Facilitator Experience: Principles, Practice, & Preparation (1 hour) This webinar delves into the first session of the PTW curriculum, “unpacking” each step of the session. The rationale for each component of class is shared, along with specific suggestions and activities for preparation. At the end of this webinar, participants are ready to offer the first session and have a template for preparing for future sessions. 2: Nurturing Strengths: Guidelines for Responding (1 hour) This webinar focuses on the art of facilitation, with emphasis placed on the delicate nature of responding to participants’ poems and writing. A set of specific guidelines are shared that offer a repertoire of responses designed to build on specific individual strengths and nurture a creative and respectful group environment. 3: Adapting PTW to be Online & Creating New Sessions This webinar will discuss the framework for how you can make your own themes for skills-based sessions. An appendix to the manual provides additional resources, along with the framework for you to add poems / handouts / exercises.



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PTW - Poetry as a Tool for Wellness

PTW - Poetry as a Tool for Wellness

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