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This course is no longer available. Contact us for information.

Online May 2022

  • Ended
  • 250 US dollars

Course Description

The WisdomVerseSM program began with a simple idea: that everyone has a story to tell and that everyone deserves to feel acknowledged and heard, regardless of their age or physical capabilities. The mission of the WisdomVerseSM program is to enhance the quality of life for the elderly with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive and physical impairments in assisted living facilities by honoring their stories, intelligence and understanding through poetry and the written word. These poetry writing workshops incorporate both the best of what poetry is and the best of what human beings are. These process-centered workshops are undoubtedly about connections of the heart and soul that occur within the sacred grace of the circle (both literal and metaphoric). The goals of a WisdomVerseSM poetry writing workshop are to: - Set participants up for success - Foster connections, between pathways in the brain, between facilitator and participants, and also among participants in the workshop - Stimulate the language part of the brain - Call up memories - Acknowledge thoughts and feelings - Entertain and enliven residents with the playfulness and musicality of words

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