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Opening the Mystic Heart Through Poetry

This course can no longer be booked.

Online September-October 2022

  • Ended
  • 210 US dollars

Course Description

In this 8-week series, we will engage poetic medicine as a means of inviting our mystic heart to open more fully in our daily lives. In approaching our mystic heart through poetry, we engage the language of the heart through image, metaphor, spaciousness, and mystery. Poetry moves us below the discursive mind and invites our innate ways of knowing to reveal themselves through our imagination, intuition, and an embodied mode of participation. Each of us is invited to open our mystic heart in our own way. In this poetic circle, we will explore how our mystic heart engages and responds to poetry written by mystics and non-mystics alike. We will also engage poetry that invites us to consider our mystic heart in relationship to the human and the more than human world, our dreams, and our creative energies. When we cultivate our mystic heart, we enter a mystery that can enrichen our lived experience. As our hearts open, our capacity to experience compassion, gratitude and trust in community grows. Our ability to walk with what life offers us increases as we learn to honor the mystery of the seasons of our life. Throughout the ages, many who have cultivated their mystic hearts have grown in depth and wisdom, which is a gift to their communities and the world at large. In this safe and compassionate poetic medicine circle, we will kindle the fires of our poetic voice, and deepen our practices of presence, deep listening and response, compassionate witness, self-reflection, and expression. Please join us for a poetically heart opening experience. All are welcome.

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