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A Single Line Opens the Way

This course is no longer available. Contact us for information.

On-site October 2022

  • Ended
  • 110 US dollars

Course Description

Oct 21, 4 PM - 6 PM EDT and Oct 22, 9 AM - 2:30 PM EDT Shaker Heights, OH, USA About the event One line or a few lines within a poem can stun and upend your way of seeing life. It can help you recover and reclaim a way of seeing, break up acceptance of the status-quo, or, put more fiercely, a single line can tear down a pre-fabricated understanding of life. At the very same moment of this undoing, that line or few lines in a poem can transmit an energy of wisdom and love with the enduring capacity to resonate with who you are at deeper levels of being. Such a line might give you a deep grounding, a resonance; something that, while plain, reveals, upon reflection, a reality exquisite, simple and direct: your still small voice within. Through that voice, a shift in perception occurs that opens a person to something real. We will commit to: consciously create a safe place for a soul voice and presence to emerge, experiment by making our own poems, slow down to listen within the still silence of poems and within the community we make Let’s explore both of these worlds during this retreat… the line that evokes the sublime, the line that informs the heart here and now in a grounded way. No prior experience with poetry is necessary.

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