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Facilitator - Magdalena Montagne

WisdomVerse is a poetry curriculum for seniors and those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other cognitive and physical impairments.

Magdalena Montagne aims to engage the hearts and minds of participants, using great poems to stimulate creativity and word games to foster poem-making; at its essence helping to establish connections among the people who come together to create art and promote well-being through the power of words.

Magdalena has been sharing WisdomVerse for nearly a decade.

In 2016 Magdalena met John Fox at an Institute for Poetic Medicine Retreat. After several conversations, it became apparent that Magdalena’s work with elders was in a healing capacity and in keeping with the mission of the Institute.

In 2018 the WisdomVerse program was honored to receive a grant from the Institute which enabled Magdalena to bring the curriculum to four more assisted living facilities on the Central Coast of California over the course of a year.

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