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Facilitator Trainings

Testimonials from other programs to be added as gathered.

Regarding their experience with Poetry as a Tool for Wellness:

“Completing the course meant that I now have the increased confidence and belief that I have what it takes to guide others to use poetic medicine as a way of looking after their own mental health as well as making time to nourish their own creative spirit. I also appreciate the ongoing, online support from John Fox, the IPM and peer facilitators. I am ever so thankful for this sense of belonging and connectedness that I have experienced with this community.”

~ Francis Lee

Educator & Life Story Coach

Brisbane, Australia

“I very much enjoyed Poetry as a Tool for Wellness. The presentation structure worked very well for me. The detail on set-up and facilitation seemed well-conceived and validated by use over time. I hope to pilot its use with a group in time, when things settle down a bit... or maybe in the midst of all of this.” ​

~ Barbara Harris Palliative Care Chaplain Vancouver, WA

“As a first time participant with Poetry as a Tool for Wellness, I was encouraged and supported by the facilitator training process. The poetry writing exercise on the first day of training came just as I had learned of the impending death of a very close friend. I experienced first-hand the healing power of this process and am eager to share this program with others.”

~ Barbara Jean-Kubik Sister of Notre Dame de Namur West Hartford, CT

Facilitator Trainings
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