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Where I Am From | Obede (Eddy) Gaspar

A photo of densely forested hills overlayed with a poem by Obede (Eddy) Gaspar titled "Where I Am From" that reads: I am from the Continent of Africa / from the African country of Angola, / from the black people of my good country / with the good food like fumbua. // I am from a country where everywhere is beautiful, / with the Mayombe forest, the rivers, mountains, / and flowers, where you can find many animals, / chimpanzees, gorillas, and parrots in this natural environment / with the humid rainforest. // I am from this forest in the center and the north / where you can find the giant Palanca Negra, / the most special animal in the world, / only found in my country and at risk for extinction, / and also you can see the elephants. // I am missing my friends and the places we used to go, / I am from missing everything about my brothers and father / and from missing all of my father's advice, / the only thing to help missing them is to see them in person. // I am from my desire to be able to travel to many countries / and my desire to go to these places.

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This poem was included in IPM's July Newsletter.

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