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These Days | Kristin Thompson

A photo of empty, dirty hands facing up. The background fades to a blue-grey to the top of the image. On the photo there is a poem by Kristin Thompson titled "These Days" that reads: These days there is a place in me/that is deeply vulnerable/So deep/that it's as if God whispered his heart to me/A whisper I have to lean in to hear/I want to hear but it's so quiet/I'm not muted but I find it hard to ask his Spirit to speak louder/so I can voice his words/Am I frightened that what he asks will/be the steps in unlocking doors that I've long shut/or maybe never knew could open/There is a vulnerability in me/that is too quiet/I don't know how to loosen these lips/To share more of me/Who would listen/Who would hear and feel/my heartstrings/dangling in mid-air/looking for someone's tenderness/to let my words softly land/in the palm of their hands/and hold them there/for awhile/Let my vulnerability be unearthed

Kristin Thompson is currently facilitating the 8-week

Poetry as a Tool for Wellness Training Program.

If a line or phrase resonates with you,

we invite you to use it as a starting point to create your own poem.

You could begin with the title "These Days"

We welcome you to share your poem with the IPM community here.

This poem was included in IPM's March 2023 Newsletter.

Access the full Newsletter here.


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