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Poetry of Nature | Midwinter | NanLeah

Mourning Dove relaxing on ground with wings lowered. The dove is sitting amongst pale rocks that are shades of beige, grey, and blue. There is dark brown mulch beyond the small collection of rocks, and in the mulch there are scattered small bright green low to the ground plants, as well as smaller rocks and sticks covering the ground.
Mourning Dove relaxes with its wings lowered on a cold, winter's day.

"Being in nature is not only inspiring, it also has medical and psychotherapeutic potential. By experiencing nature, we place our body in the original functional circle made of humans and the environment from which we emerged. We put two matching puzzle pieces together – us and nature into one whole.”

~ Clemens G. Arvay

Dear Poetry of Nature Friends,

Welcome! Welcome to Poetry of Nature, PON as we often fondly refer to it. The Poetry of Nature is a yearlong journey that resonates with many who seek to connect with the natural world for healing and poetic expression. It's a journey for those who seek to match the puzzle pieces and manifest wholeness. We’re excited and happy you’ve chosen to spend your year with us! This is the fourth year Geoff and I have offered PON, and year six of IPM’s series “Year of Poetic Medicine”.

Throughout our year together, Geoff and I will offer poetry, inspirational quotes, photos of the natural world, and our unique Nature reflections and experiences. We’ll get to know our inner and outer landscapes through natural rhythms like the seasons’ dances; moon's faces and phases; ebb and flow; dawn and dusk. We’ll discover and deepen our connections with the birds, animals, plants, trees, and other Beings that inhabit our neck of the woods. Through these, and other seasonal and monthly areas of focus, we’ll dive deeply into Nature through poetry reading, writing, sharing, and reflection.

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