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Native Joy: Poems Songs Visions Dreams

Book cover for Native Joy: poems, songs, visions, dreams 1963-2003 by Geoffrey Oelsner. The title is at the top, and most of the cover is a painting of a field of tall grasses with a couple groups of trees scattered here and there.

by Geoffrey Oelsner, IPM Board Member

Celebrates the written works of individuals who have suffered an acquired brain injury (ABI). An ABI can result from traumatic brain injury, stroke, oxygen deprivation, infectious disease, tumor, brain surgery or toxicity.

The works in this anthology are a product of Rediscovery Project 2013, a San Francisco Bay Area based poetry and expressive arts group that explores brain injury through the lens of the archetypal Hero's Journey. This anthology captures the rich landscape of living with brain injury and the healing that's possible through sharing, witnessing and being in community.

Purchase this book on Amazon: Native Joy: Poems Songs Visions Dreams

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