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Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making

The cover of the book Finding What You Didn't Lost: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making by John Fox. It has a white background with a piece of art in the middle that is a tree against a purple sky with an orange and yellow border.

by John Fox, founder and president of The Institute for Poetic Medicine.

Poetry discovers and speaks a truth ordinary language cannot express. And the passionate message in Finding What You Didn't Lose is that we're all poets--capable of giving voice to such truth.

Poet-teacher John Fox reveals how imagery, sound, metaphor, rhythm, and other poetic elements can he us tell our inner story, heal psychological wounds, discover spiritual connection, and develop the rich creative imagination that lies within us all.

Transcending the traditional academic approach to poetry writing, Finding What You Didn't Lose deals with craft but, more importantly, guides readers to explore their deepest feelings and express their own unique insights through the incomparable language of poetry.

Through an intermingling of inventive exercises and illustrative poems--ranging from Nobel Prize winners to first-time poets--readers are inspired to add their own distinct voice to a world fellowship of poets. For those who already write poetry, and the many more who want to, this book is the key to finding what you never lose: your natural inclination to express who you are through the making of poems.

Purchase this book on Amazon: Finding What you Didn't Lose

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