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Earth Song, by Don Di Vecchio

A photo of the roots of a tree with a poem by Don Di Vecchio titled "Earth Song" that reads: "We are the earth, clay soft, reddish iron, ashen gray, pungent clear soil./We are of earth, sequoia, redwood, rooted./In corn and wheat, with the bones of our ancestors./We are of salt, ocean and pitched pine/The sun's head moves within us. We belong to each other, move together/Need each other./We are of wind and fire/Our blood is rain/Our hearts are rivers/We are of Earth./Our beauty is rooted in our past and present in our humanness./We are the poor. the hungry, the war ravished,/We are the innocent and battered,/Our beauty is in the struggle to find ourselves,/We claim love lost/for all people./We are roots to soil,/Trees to water, we are a part of each other,/Hurting one person hurts us all/Denying one being equality/Denies us all./We are of Earth."

If a line or phrase resonates with you, we invite you to use it as a starting point to create your own poem.

We welcome you to share your poem with the IPM community here: A Poetry Commons.

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