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Doodles | Carre St. Andre

A photo of chaotic, doodled art of varying styles, colors, and ideas. On the lefthand side of the photo is a poem by Carre St. Andre titled "Doodles". The poem reads: "Brain doodles / Random figments that pop up / They don't make sense / Seemingly irrelevant thougts looking / for their way home / Conflict / Combat / Com + batter, which means to beat / Facing the enemy, only to face scorn / Looking for reconciliation / But only finding conflict / Peace / Peace is not the absence of conflict / But the resolution of conflict / Each side looking or their way home / The stories that need an ending / Looking for a way to make it right / So far the loser only loses / And the winner only loses / What's left after everything is lost? / That which matters / Seeking its way home / Doodles / Random squiggles in the margin / Seeming to not matter / Maybe the only things that matter / What comes up is what matters what / comes up always finds its way home"

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This poem was included in IPM's July 2023 Newsletter.

Access the full Newsletter here.


This poem was written by Carre St. Andre, a participant of Jim Elsaesser's "How We Say It" program for veterans. For more information about "How We Say It" click here.


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