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Creator | Lupita McClanahan

An ombre background from beige to red with a photo of Lupita McClanahan in the bottom left corner. There is a poem titled "Creator" by Lupita McClanahan that reads: What was the creator thinking when he created us,/Two ears, two eyes, two nostrils/and one mouth?//What was the creator thinking when he created us,/Two ears, one for home and one for far, far away/Two nostrils, one for comfort and one for discomfort/Two eyes, one  for light and one for night.//What was the creator thinking when he created us,/Two ears, two eyes, two nostrils,/And one mouth, one mouth, one mind and/One word, creativity.

If a line or phrase resonates with you,

we invite you to use it as a starting point to create your own poem.

We welcome you to share your poem with the IPM community here.


Lupita McClanahan is a member of the Diné (Navajo) tribe. She was born on the Diné reservation near Canyon de Chelly and lives there now. Lupita believes words are sacred. It is a gift used from the heart and soul to save another. Lupita says, “We must use words delicately.” In the Diné culture corn pollen is placed at the tip of the tongue of the new-born. This is done to feed that child good and creative words.

Lupita became a liaison at Canyon de Chelly, someone who goes between different entities, communities, and non-Native people. This gave her and her husband Jon the vision of creating a bridge. This bridge is called Footpath Journeys.

Footpath Journeys is a way to share and lead people to appreciate one’s home and life-way so we develop a sacred, special belonging and experience something new and beautiful.

Lupita wrote Creator during a week-long visit to Canyon de Chelly made by John Fox and retreat participants.

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