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Write of Passage

Facilitator: Meredith Heller

IPM is currently funding three workshop series led by Meredith Heller.

Write of Passage Poetry Writing Workshops at Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility:

This workshop series at Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility in Minnesota offers women inmates a medium through which to express themselves, process their experience of being in prison, gain healing and empowerment, and build community through poem-making.

These workshops, fully funded by IPM, are offered 1-2 times a year, reaching about 10 women in each session. In 2021 Roots & Wings Anthology, a collection of poems written by scholarship recipients, was produced and each woman received two copies, one for herself and one to share with family or friends.

Writing by Heart – Women's Poetry Writing Workshops:

This workshop series is for women to encourage creativity and self-expression, personal discovery and insight, and the healing and empowerment that comes from writing and sharing poetry in an engaged and supportive community.

IPM fully funds 10 women a year for these ongoing workshops. Past workshops have included Roots & Wings, Bloom, and Heartbeat.

Write a Poem! Teen Poetry Workshops:

This workshop series is for teens to help them cultivate creativity, gain confidence, discover who they are and what matters to them, express themselves with depth and clarity, and be part of a community of kids who love to write and who encourage each other to dig deep and shine.

IPM funds 10 teens a year for these ongoing workshops.

Write of Passage
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