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Words That Heal

Facilitator: Tara Broderick

Words That Heal is a healing poetry series for people with Parkinson’s Disease and/or their care partners. The series meets twice a month from September through December, 2022 for a total of 8 two-hour sessions. The overall goal is to explore feelings about living with Parkinson’s Disease by reading, writing and sharing poems in a safe and supportive environment.

Each session explores an emotional component of coping and living with Parkinson’s. The order of the sessions loosely tracks the phases of meaning-making following the diagnosis of a chronic and progressive disease.

The project is sponsored by a non-profit organization called The Quiver founded by Chris Lion. Chris and his organization are committed to and excited about making this happen. Per The Quiver’s website The Quiver envisions a space where artists and poets with Parkinson’s Disease can share their creativity. In its own words:

“A celebration of human creativity; a tribute to those who thrive despite setbacks. Provides hope and inspiration to Persons with Parkinson’s by featuring art by those with the disease. Seeks to promote the economic well-being of these artists by helping connect them with a broader audience.”

Words That Heal
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