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Embracing Uncertainty

Facilitators: Tonia Lyon, Ashleigh Glass and Samantha Overbay

Tonia Lyon and Ashleigh Glass have been changing the world through service and poetry/poem-making since 2016. Since connecting with John and IPM in 2018 at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina, they have brought poetic healing to their own lives.

This inspiration gave them the courage and clarity to share the gift of poem-making with others. They have taken the tools and practices of Poetic Medicine into their community—specifically reaching nonprofits. Through an organization called Sandbox they meet with and empower women who have experienced trauma through the death of a child and/or who have a child with serious illness in the writing program, Embracing Uncertainty. They have more recently been joined by Samantha Overbay.

Embracing Uncertainty has given participants a platform to be heard, to explore their creative voice and to hear one another which does so much to diminish isolation and create friendship. Each year a poetry anthology is produced.

Embracing Uncertainty
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