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The Rediscovery Project

Facilitator: Krista Wissing-Harrison

Krista Wissing-Harrison/The Rediscovery Project was a poetry partner in 2012 and 2013.

Inspired by the artful life of brain injury survivor and artist Shelly Fox (sister of John Fox), The Rediscovery Project facilitated by Krista Wissing-Harrison and sponsored by the Brain Injury Network of Larkspur, CA, offered its participants an opportunity to explore their experience of brain injury through the lens of the Hero’s Journey (as coined by Joseph Campbell).

The group experience was the heart of The Rediscovery Project. Through poetry and art, group members embarked on a 10-week inner exploration that touched upon themes of identity, meaning, resiliency and belonging. Ultimately, the group coalesced into a spirited healing community, and the project culminated in public poetry readings of participants’ poems. Anthologies of these poems were produced both years. A guidebook geared for people interested in creating their own poetry circles adapted to the needs of acquired brain injury was developed from the experience of working with this population.

Whereas modern medicine rehabilitates the body, poetry and art are medicine for the soul and psyche. The goal of The Rediscovery Project was to create a safe harbor for such a healing journey.

The Rediscovery Project
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