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Project Star

Facilitator: Jim Hornsby

The IPM-supported Project Star brought Cultural Circle Poetry Workshops entailing two projects each containing six monthly poetry workshops to women in early recovery from chemical dependency.

Cultural Circle Poetry Workshops blend indigenous philosophies (more traits, attitudes, and values than philosophies) with the learning theory of Kurt Lewin, and the Dunn & Dunn cross-cultural theories of teaching and counseling.

A women’s poetry workshop can be an important part of the recovery formula in the first 90 days of sobriety. It is a crucial time of recovery of brain and central nervous system function. It is also the initial reparation of major body organs which significantly effect mood and affect. The introduction of a workshop which intervenes and transforms the rationalizing, compartmentalizing, minimizing, etc. denial aspects of the disease of addiction can enhance and accelerate the recovery process.

The Cultural Circle Poetry Workshops produce strong poems from the women addicts and alcoholics. As the women move through the workshops and also receive the counseling and structure support of Project Star, they continue to grow as women of sobriety.

When they discover that an anthology of their poetry which will ensue from the workshops will be sold to provide a bed for a woman who is indigent they are especially proud to participate—such a beautiful example of thinking of how they can help others!

Project Star
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