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Poetic Medicine makes a difference

Poetic Medicine has been featured in documentaries, books, and articles published around the world. 

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What is Poetic Medicine?

“Writing poetry together heals loneliness. What is true for someone on the deepest level is often true for us all.”

~Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

“When I set out for the workshop, I had no idea I would be so completely changed or become so completely myself again because of poetry.”

~Shannon Klassel

“Poetry is a wonderful catalyst to aha moments and to peeling off layers that weigh us down.”

~Jacinta White


“Shame is a vampire that dies in the daylight of a poem.”

~E. D. Watson

“A poem or even a fragment of a poem may serve as the balancing point which your eyes focus on in order to walk over difficult terrain.”

~John Fox

“By making us stop for a moment, poetry gives us an opportunity to think about ourselves as human beings on this planet and what we mean to each other.”

~Rita Dove

Poetry really is the cure.
When we stop jabbering long enough to listen to what is going on around, among, and inside us—and we have someone to help us put that into the fewest, truest words available to us—the air clears and the aliveness flows through all the spaces in between.
Barbara Brown Taylor
Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Contrarian
Author of An Altar in the World, Holy Envy, and Learning to Walk in the Dark

Poetic Medicine Impacts Real Lives

As a Personal Experience

Whether we choose to write with a poetry circle around us or in solitude in our own sacred space there is a way to have a personal experience of poetry-as-healer. We offer programs that allow for the interactive experience of exploring poetry with others and we offer opportunities to explore Poetic Medicine at your own pace in your own place through our webinars.

By Bringing Poetry to Others

Because our personal experiences touch the common ground we share with others poetry offers a way to connect an otherwise seemingly unconnected community. Poetry bridges the gap and allows us to connect with humans on a human level because lived experience is what we all have, no matter our backgrounds.

As Continuing Education

Our participants have found these trainings to be an amazing asset for the tool box of offerings for chaplains, teachers, social workers, life coaches, youth mentors, community outreach programs, peer-support groups, and beyond. We are in the beginning stages of gaining accreditation for our programs through various national organizations.

Our team of professionals bring to the Institute their life experience, technical skills, strategic and leadership capabilities,
as well as an understanding of the healing nature of poetry.

The Team Behind the Scenes

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