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Writing By Heart

Women’s Poetry Writing Workshops ~ Minnesota

Workshop series for women+ to encourage creativity and self-expression, personal discovery and insight, and the healing and empowerment that come from writing and sharing poetry in an engaged and supportive community.

IPM fully funds 10 women a year for these ongoing workshops. Past workshops have included Roots & Wings, Bloom, and Heartbeat.

Meredith Heller is a poet, author, singer/songwriter, nature-woman, and educator with degrees in writing and education. She leads Writing By Heart workshops at public & private schools, juvenile detention centers, women’s prisons, Institute for Poetic Medicine, Kennedy Center for the Arts, wellness retreats, and online for adults and teens. Her passion is empowering people to believe in themselves, trust their creative instincts, tap their wild wisdom, express their truth, and ignite their hearts. She is the author of Write a Poem, Save Your Life, and three poetry collections Songlines, Yuba Witch, & River Spells. For more info:

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