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Olympic Peninsula

NanLeah is a self-taught naturalist who has studied Poetic Medicine with John Fox. She's had opportunities to live all over the U.S. Along the way she's fallen in love with every landscape and the beings that inhabit them.

For the last 24 years, NanLeah's sent roots deep into the dance of plants, animals and birds that share their home with her. Home is the temperate rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula, an emerald land that has been a constant source of curiosity, wonder, astonishment, deep gratitude and love. Poet, nature photographer, and poetographer, NanLeah weaves her hobbies together to share Nature as it unfolds in her neck of the woods.

NanLeah has supported the generative, healing powers of IPM’s Year of Poetic Medicine Programs since 2018. She’s excited to be a shepherdess for the fifth year of Poetry of Nature and is honored to be a part of IPM’s mission of awakening soulfulness in the human voice.

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