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Diane Kaufman

Hillsboro, Oregon

Diane Kaufman, MD, is a poet, artist, child psychiatrist, and Humanism in Medicine awardee. She is the founder-director of the Arts and Healing Resiliency Center at Mind Matters in Hillsboro, Oregon. She is dedicated to transforming trauma and despair into life-affirming creativity.

Her story, “Bird That Wants to Fly,” inspired a children’s opera composed by Michael Raphael, performed by Trilogy: An Opera Company, and narrated by the actor, Danny Glover. Her co-creative songs on suicide prevention, “Don’t Give Up” and “Lift You Up” have won international awards.

Diane’s most recent co-creative work, “Marble Me Free,” has her serving in the capacity of director and producer. Based on the poem, “The Marble Block,” by Starlit Swan and animated by Lucia Martinez Rojas, “Marble Me Free” powerfully tells the “dark night of the soul” journey of physical and emotional pain. It, too, is winning international awards.

There is also an accompanying “Marble Me Free” website with mental health resources and registration for arts and healing workshops:

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Diane Kaufman
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