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Poetic Medicine Series

Learn what poetry-as-healer can offer in your life through these multi-week series offerings available online.

About this Pathway

Each series that is offered brings the unique touch of the facilitator to the experience with these guided poetry circles. The group builds trust and confidence as they work together over the weeks, allowing for personal growth and exploration. A variety of topics are available throughout the year, with poems related to each topic offered to the group for contemplation and reflection during each session.

Each program offers a downloadable poetry booklet of the poems to be used during the sessions. These collections of poems are beautifully displayed and thoughtfully chosen to represent the topic of the series. These collections are available to supporting members of the IPM Community, for more information about these options please see the Membership page.

Programming for 2023 will be posted once the dates are finalized, please join our mailing list for information about these upcoming programs.

Currently Offering:

Opening the Mystic Heart Through Poetry

Facilitated by Susan O'Connell

Previous Poetic Medicine Series Offerings (2022):

Body Language

Facilitated by Meredith Heller

Poetry as Compass

Facilitated by Judith Prest

Poetic Medicine and Social Justice

Facilitated by E.D. Watson and Lisha Garcia

Poetry as a Tool For Wellness

Facilitated by Kristin Thompson and Athena McClendon

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