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Scholarship Fund

Our students, graduates and poetry partners are already sharing their skills and gifts with the world. They provide a therapeutic experience in the transformative power of poetry for: immigrant and refugee youth, at-promise youth, people who are unhoused, mental health community programs, spiritual centers, prisons, hospitals, university counseling centers, women who have experienced domestic abuse and sexual violence, and Veterans. 

In each place we go, we witness how the life-affirming act of reading, hearing, writing and speaking poetry transforms lives and shapes a new kind of community based on equity, deep listening, intuition, inclusion and caring: the kind of authentic connection we most need.


The Institute for Poetic Medicine is extending this healing work well-beyond its founder, John Fox, by empowering others with poetic medicine tools and teachings that can be replicated. While we believe it is essential that people have a direct experience in the practice of "poetic medicine," we advocate that facilitators make this practice their own, i.e. embody their own unique way of working. 

Some of our qualified students do not have the financial capacity to pay for their training in these Poetic Medicine Facilitator Training Programs, and with your help we can provide them with scholarships. We welcome donations of all sizes, every contribution large or small helps!

A pledge of $250 covers the registration cost of one student in one training program. Funding in 2022 allowed us to fully fund 10 scholarship applications for these programs. In order to allow full class capacity for each program and full compensation for our facilitators, we are seeking enough funds to cover 20 full scholarships in the coming year. 

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