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Websites We Highly Recommend

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Our Heart Speaks gives voice to individuals who, despite living with a new disability, have found both meaning and purpose in their lives. Through an online platform IPM supports an international patient stories project that welcomes the submission of transformative stories through a variety of artistic medium. Our Heart Speaks offers a window into the power of the human spirit to flourish despite enormous medical challenges. IPM supports educational opportunities and research and collaboration with others in order to provide a resource that will educate and inspire patients, caregivers and health care providers.

Joy Resor has created something genuine and so necessary on our culture — a very generous sense of joy that is inclusive and responsive to human needs.

WordSPA: Spirituality, Poetry, and Appreciation. Kim Langley, living in Cleveland, OH, has created a dedicated ministry in this beautifully diverse field of poetry-as-healer, and we encourage you to learn more about Kim and this work.

Art Well is a center located in Philadelphia PA that brings the arts to people. Cathy Cohen, Director of We the Poets, has been a friend of John Fox and IPM for a very long time! They are tremendously inspiring for their ecumenical welcome.

Focusing & Expressive Arts Institute integrates Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing with the expressive arts. It was developed over a period of 30 years by Dr. Laury Rappaport, Ph.D, ATR-BC, REAT.

Connie Smith Siegel offers in her art something so similar to poetry as healer. You’ll see this in her books Spirit of Color, Spirit of Drawing and the Healing Spirit of Drawing and Color.

The Arts & Health Alliance represents through advocacy and supports through funding the profession of bringing art into health care settings. It holds national and regional conferences.

Art from Ashes is committed to this mission: to empower struggling youth by providing creative programs that facilitate health and hope through expression, connection and transformation. The Director, Catherine Thorne O’Neill says this about her work: "I work with young people who have been hurt by life and who are angry or sad about it. I help them write poetry about how powerful they are and that the world also can be beautiful, so they don't believe life is all about being hurt."

Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University has an expansive outreach program that is very in tune with poetry as a healing and transformational experience and process. David Hassler is the visionary director. John’s poem (lines from Lift the Banner) was featured in Wick’s 2011 Traveling Stanzas.

Poesis is a fine journal dedicated to the therapeutic arts.

Tad Gielow Photography features the work of one of the most excellent photographers I know of. I met Tad Gielow some 15 years ago when he and his wife Judy attended a retreat I was leading on the sacred grounds at Canyon de Chelly, Since that time Tad and I have led about 12 weeklong retreats at Canyon de Chelly, with the welcome of our Diné friends. Tad is a magnificent photographer and he has opened up many people's eyes to the beauty of creation. I hope you will explore this site. ~ John Fox

Concentric Media is an independent media production company. Their films document stories of individuals and communities working toward social justice, human rights and personal growth. John Fox first encountered the remarkable work of Dorothy Fadiman in 1978 when a friend of John's in Cleveland Heights, OH, screened her classic film Radiance. It was seven years later that he met her in Menlo Park, CA and they became a friends.

Chronic Resilience features the lovely and deep work of Danea Horn. She offers something that is so needed for people who live with chronic illness. Danea is the daughter of John Fox's good friend John Foos who has help to coordinate workshops in the San Diego area for nearly 15 years. John Foos has been leading monthly poetic medicine groups for many years.

Finding the Gold Within probes what it means to be young, Black, male and ‘other.’ The project comes with a rare kind of intimate access—an unusual opportunity. It initiated in me the filmmaker a clear, strong vision: young black men who have been prepared and are ready to navigate the world in self-affirming and stereotype-defying ways. It seems the right time to look deeper, to give voice to those marginalized; we all know the abysmal statistics. So let’s start listening to their stories.” ~ Karina Epperlein

Founded in 1964, California Poets in the Schools is one of the largest literary artists-in-residence programs in the nation. We encourage students throughout California to recognize and celebrate their creativity, intuition, and intellectual curiosity through the creative poetry writing process. CPITS serves 25,000 students annually in hundreds of public and private schools, juvenile halls, after-school programs, hospitals, and other community settings.

From humble beginnings, UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine has grown into one of the largest comprehensive arts in healthcare programs in existence. Starting with two volunteer visual artists working on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Arts in Medicine now has 16 paid artists in all art disciplines working in six separate buildings throughout the UF Health system, covering the Gainesville and Jacksonville communities. Our programs are designed to transform the hospital experience for patients, visitors, caregivers and staff.

At The Word Project (TWP), we are committed to assisting individuals and communities in their journey toward wholeness, using words and art as catalysts for self-discovery and expression. The Word Project is led by Jacinta V. White who has been a IPM poetry partner.

ChainFree Living Transformational Guidance Services and its free Community Forum assists individuals in consciously reconnecting with their true self nature in support of emotionally honest, authentic, embodied living. ChainFree Living is founded by Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MACP, MFT.

The Academy of Creative Healing Arts offers so much for mind, heart and soul. Susan Sholle-Martin's work is a radiant example of the healing power of art and creativity. Susan knew me when I was five years old, she seven. I was best friends with her brother Dave. We've stayed friends since and I am very happy to offer it to you here!

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman offers very deep work. I met her through my teaching at the Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality.

The Center for Arts in Medicine, located in Asheville, NC, creates innovative programs that utilize the arts as a vehicle for change in individuals, groups and communities where art experiences are the catalyst for healing and transformation. The Center works with a diversity of people who are suffering from life challenging illnesses, including cancer patients, children and their family members, and Veteran populations, including returning Veterans, family members of Veterans, and Veterans who are homeless.

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