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Building Wings of Resilience: Bird That Wants to Fly Story, Opera, Puppetry | Online Event

A drawing, possibly made with pastels, of a unicorn with a red mane and a yellow bird in flight in front of a yellow roller coaster over blue water and blue sky in the distance

Event Overview:

The Arts & Healing Resiliency Center is proud to announce its November "Follow Your Arts Heart" Special Event. The "Building Wings of Resilience: Bird That Wants to Fly Story, Opera, Puppetry" Special Event is all about resilience, creative collaborations, and how art can help us heal. We will learn how the story was written at an Arts & Healing workshop and the creative prompts that inspired it. For an expressive arts exercise we will do a similar creative prompt. We will meet Kevin Maynor, opera singer and founder/director of Trilogy: An Opera Company who played the part of Bird in the opera, and also puppeteer Kris Woolen who will give a live performance of "Bird That Wants to Fly." Diane Kaufman, MD, the author of the story, and founder-director of the Arts & Healing Resiliency Center and host for "Follow Your Arts Heart" will share her insights on the story's archetypal and mythic meanings. We will then watch the opera.

Dr. Kaufman can be reached at


Sunday, November 27, 2022

1:00 - 2:30 PM PST


Online. You will receive the link to attend after reserving a spot.

To reserve a spot:

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