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Poetry as a Tool for Wellness

For anyone interested in fostering a creative and therapeutic approach to wellness through the integration of Poetic Medicine into mental health and wellness programs. This program offers an opportunity to experience poetry-as-healer in Part 1 with the option to begin training as a facilitator in Part 2.

About this Pathway

In the first four weeks of Poetry as a Tool for Wellness (PTW), with an emphasis on creating both a safe and creative circle, participants are guided by experienced Peer Facilitators to approach poetry for self-understanding through reading, reflecting, and writing poetry. As always, sharing within the poetry circle is by invitation and is not necessary or expected.

The most effective training in utilizing PTW emerges from the experience of the medicine of poetry for yourself.

Whether the goal is to tap into the potential of poetry as a tool for wellness for one's self or to bring it to others by facilitating poetry circles, this first of two 4-week programs allows time for the experience of the process of opening to the potential of poetry-as-healer.

For those wishing to become a Peer Facilitator of Poetry as a Tool for Wellness, the second four weeks of the curriculum invites more specific and active participation to hone skills of facilitation. This second part of the full 8-week series continues to offer the personal experience of poetic medicine, addresses four additional themes/skills, and actively involves participants in activities of facilitation.

Having truly experienced the healing potential of poetry for one's self, the participant is able to speak about it with a natural authority and heartfelt conviction.

For those seeking to become Peer Facilitators but who may learn best at their own pace, a series of Self-Paced Webinars have been developed. A pre-requisite for access to these webinars is completion of the first 4-week series, Foundations of Poetry as a Tool for Wellness.

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