What participants have to say ...

I am most thankful that you led me to a place where my own 6 lines of poetry would take me to on the profound journey to my lost friend.  For that I will forever be grateful.

—Tom Roberts, Clearwater, Florida

The effectiveness and inspiration of Poetic Medicine


The four of us who came to John's workshop last night all felt totally inspired.  John conducted the discussion like a virtuoso.  It felt totally fresh and spontaneous.  He has an uncanny ability to deal with individuals’ issues that arise and direct them right into the flow of the discussion. What he brings to this topic of poetry as healer is potentially life-changing."

—Ralph Day, Cleveland, Ohio


I am always impressed by how you manage to bring poetry to many corners of our lives and it is like bringing light and sowing seeds because even after your leave something new springs out in the lands you have visited and keeps poetry alive and reminds me that the nature of our world, its very essence, is effortlessly poetic.

—Agata Dichev, Atlanta, GA


Becoming Oneself

What do I want to say besides thank you. When I set out for the workshop, I had no idea I would be so completely changed or become so completely myself again because of poetry and you.

—Shannon Klassel, Seattle, Washington

I appreciate how you were both a facilitator as well as a group-member.  You know your own space, and honor others to find their own, and that’s beautiful — it helps those of us who are insecure to be freed to write without judgmental criteria.

—Will Fetterman, Allentown, Pennsylvania


One of the essential outcomes from this work with poetry as healer is an increased capacity to listen deeply.

John Fox is the most sensitive and effective teacher of poetic medicine I know. He listens to both poem and person deeply, and he is a master at guiding others - both patients and care- givers - to do the same. His kind and gentle teaching, his unique vision and his generosity of spirit have immeasurably enhanced my use of poetry in my nursing work and in my life.

— Cortney Davis, NP (Nurse Practitioner), Redding, CT

editor of Between the Heartbeats: Poetry and Prose by Nurses

We introduce poetry therapy into medical schools and hospitals via medical humanities, expressive arts, arts-in-medicine, cancer support centers and integrative medicine programs.

Thank you for giving us so much of your fine attention, quiet regard, space to create, your listening deeply and gift of allowing each person’s words to emerge.  You are a pleasure to work with.  Next year?

—Deborah Steele, Manager of Supportive Services.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


You brought your heart, your skill & craft, your deep compassion and love.  We are all the better for it.

—Shanti Norris, Director, Smith Farm Center for the Healing Arts, Washington D.C.


Thanks for a great session. You are terrific with the students.   Plan on next year.

~ Larry Zaroff, M.D., Ph.D., School of Medicine & Program in Human Biology Senior Research Scholar,

Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford University


We collaborate with people within under served and neglected communities to celebrate the healing spirit of poetry.  We believe in the absolute significance and importance of each persons voice.

Thank you John, for weaving this tapestry in the dying, in the jails, in the disenfranchised, in the alone, in the midnight, in the winter, in the nightmare, and in the dream...You bring the light, sputtering and clear, peaceful and grounded, to all of us.

— Janet Childs, M.A., Director of Education and Bay Area Critical Incident Management
Centre for Living with Dying program of Bill Wilson Center


We are deeply aware that poem-making and poetry is a pathway to vibrant spiritual connection

John Fox does with words what the mystics do with prayer. He draws people in to participate naturally and from their own being.

—The Reverend Channing R. Smith, Rector Transfiguration Episcopal Church Belmont, California


I have been talking about how the room was transformed by the sweet energy of you and all who gathered there.  …. How you taught us how to listen in the first five minutes in such a tender, gentle way we didn’t know we were being taught.  It was more like a self realization.

 —Susan Johnson, Director Decatur Healing Arts, Decatur, GA


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