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(John Fox) "...was our fire starter, the one who knows when to blow just a little bit harder on the embers and when to back away a bit.  With little apparent effort, he built us into a great, warm blaze of creativity."

—Susan Jorgensen, workshop participant

  • A three-phase distance learning Certificate Training Program
  • Co-sponsored programs with your group or organization
  • Co-sponsored programs for church, school or hospital professionals


John has been leading writing workshops and retreats for the public for twenty-four years.   He has presented at Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, Omega Institute, Esalen, as well as many Wellness Communities across the country.

His work reaches people in hospitals, churches and retreat centers. Throughout his career, John has returned to working with children.  He has presented in all regions of the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Kuwait and Canada.  In addition, his work influences people and poetry therapy practitioners in the Philippines, Lithuania, Peru, France and Japan.

People in therapeutic, healing, medical, teaching and pastoral professions benefit deeply and find practical support as they reconnect to the inner impulse that drew them to their professional calling while discovering inner resources that will sustain them in their daily lives.