Writing poetry allows us to discover how vulnerabilities and strengths can co-exist, even thrive together. Poems can reveal deep insight and compassion. They can give voice to what is raw and wounded in your life and that honesty, creatively expressed and explored, can bolster and guide you through rough times. Your writing can transform you at profound levels.

—John Fox


Some of the projects created by our Poetry Partners produce books as a culmination of their effort and vision.  As a continual support to their accomplishment we have these books available in this section of our website.

Poetry as a Tool for Recovery:  An Easy to Use
Guide in Eight Sessions

by Lisa DeVuono  IPM Poetry Partner

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Lisa DeVuono is a Poetry Partner and long-time friend of The Institute for Poetic Medicine. IPM funded Lisa to write a concise guide to bringing poetry and poem-making to people whose voices are marginalized in the culture. The guidebook is called Poetry As a Tool for Recovery: An Easy-to-Use Guide in Eight Sessions. The board of IPM has voted to fund the printing of 260 + copies of this manual so that we may offer it to all Clubhouses in the United States and other English speaking countries. There will be additional copies available.

While Lisa is the primary writer of this guide, she writes in her acknowledgments that composing this book was a deep collaboration “I thank many people for their ongoing support in writing this manual.  In particular, to those Clubhouse members and directors for their openness and curiosity in embarking on this creative experiment together, for sharing their ideas, and for their trust in me as a facilitator.”


Anthologies by Merna in Youth Voices: Stories of Arrival

by Merna Ann Hecht  IPM Poetry Partner

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Stories of Arrival: Youth Voices  was designed by poet Merna Ann Hecht to bring the use of poetry, drama, and literature to youth who were recent arrivals to the U.S., many of whom had experienced war, been born in refugee camps, or immigrated under considerable hardship.


Out of the Darkness: A Poetic Journey for People Living with Acquired Brain Injury Anthologies

by Krista Harrison IPM Poetry Partner

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Celebrates the written and visual works of individuals who have suffered an acquired brain injury (ABI). An ABI can result from traumatic brain injury, stroke, oxygen deprivation, infectious disease, tumor, brain surgery or toxicity. The works in this anthology are a product of Rediscovery Project 2013, a San Francisco Bay Area based poetry and expressive arts group that explores brain injury through the lens of the archetypal Hero's Journey.  This anthology captures the rich landscape of living with brain injury and the healing that's possible through sharing, witnessing and being in community


Finding Voice Anthology

by Annie Holden IPM Poetry Partner

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Poetry writing workshops have been held at the 2100 Lakeside Men’s Emergency Shelter since 2009. During that time several hundred men have participated in the programs.

The poetry is surprisingly upbeat and touches on a variety of topics, from lost love to city living to experiences with addiction and unemployment. Kenneth Gregory writes, “the courage to change gives/Sight into the unseen/Stars to those who dream.” He also writes of an estranged daughter, “I love you dear daughter Kendoll I do/And when you come looking/Dad will be waiting for you.”


Books Rooted in the Work of Poetry Partners

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